Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd.

Terms & Conditions

On-line orders

All orders placed via this website on-line with Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd will be subject to the following terms and conditions. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with these terms which cover:

  • Use of the on-line facility / Product specification – Section 1
  • Privacy policy – Section 2
  • Suppliers and partners – Section 3
  • Pricing & Payment – Section 4
  • Orders / Delivery locations and timescales – Section 5
  • Refund, return and exchange policy – Section 6
  • Customised / Bespoke orders directly with the boutique – Section 7
  • Definitions – Section 8
  • General Terms – Section 9

1.Use of the on-line facility / Products

A product is a product displayed on the website for sale.

All products available via this site have been carefully selected by the Ivory Tower purchasing team from a range of suppliers who are able to offer wedding related products and services.

These products are listed by each suppler by brand and category. At all times, we will endeavour to ensure that the products are displayed as accurately as possible showing the colour and detail. It may not always be possible to include images with intricate amounts of detail therefore please do request our ‘Virtual Consultation’ service via our contact form (Ed please add link to form) should you wish to view products in more detail prior to purchase.

Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd cannot accept responsibility for the exact colour and detail which may differ from the image as this will be dependent on the computer equipment used.

All products are subject to availability. Product availability will be reviewed regularly and therefore should any product be discontinued it will be removed from the site. If a product becomes out of stock after an order has been accepted, Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd and the supplier / partner cannot be held responsible. You will be notified as soon as possible, and a refund will be applied. Should an alternative product be required, suitable alternatives will be discussed with you.

Many of the products listed can be customised on-line. Where this is the case there will be an option to select the required customisation when viewing the product. For more detailed customisations, please contact us at the boutique to arrange a virtual consultation. (ED please add the link to the contact form)

2.Privacy Policy

All personal data supplied to Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd and its suppliers by you will be held in accordance with the privacy and cookies policy which is available via the website. (Ed please add link to cookie privacy policy). This data needs to be accurate and contain all of the information requested via the on-line site when making a purchase.

Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd takes reasonable care to ensure that your order and payment details are kept secure. Ivory Tower Bridal Couture cannot be responsible for third party (Supplier and partner actions) following submission of data for delivery purposes although each supplier and partner will be working to their own privacy policies and these apply for despatch purposes.

By entering into this agreement it is understood that Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd will only pass on personal data for order, and delivery purposes. All data stored by our preferred partners will be in line with their individual data protection policies and at no time will personal information be passed on outside of this arrangement.

3.Suppliers and Partners

All suppliers and partners have been carefully selected based on quality, service, price and delivery. All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the products, descriptions and images are accurate and reflect the product as closely as possible, however this will be dependent on the equipment used. Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd cannot be held responsible for colour and image quality.

All products displayed are subject to availability. Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd will endeavour to update the product should there be limited stock available.

If the product has been ordered and has subsequently gone out of stock, Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd will not be able to guarantee an exact replacement. However, wherever possible a replacement will be offered as a suitable alternative at no extra cost. Should the alternative deem to be unsuitable, a refund will be provided.

4.Pricing & Payment

All products are priced in British pounds and include VAT. All postage is to UK residents only. Should international shipping and purchases be required, please contact us via the e mail enquiry system (Ed please add link to form).

Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd endeavours to ensure that all prices are accurate and will undertake regular review of pricing.

Prices are subject to change however these will be deemed as being correct at the time of placing your order. Prices will be honoured when placing the order and will NOT be subject to any additional increases that may be introduced after the order has been placed.

All payments are to be made via Paypal using the payment mechanism on the website. Should you prefer to pay by credit or debit card, please call the boutique and we can arrange this for you through a process outside of the on-line boutique. However for the purpose of a telephone order or e mailed order with credit card payment, these terms and conditions will apply.

All products seen on-line can also be ordered via telephone 01564 770066 at the boutique if preferred.

5.Orders, delivery locations and timescales

5.1 UK Shipping

All shipping via this site is to UK addresses only.

5.2 International orders

If orders/shipping to a non- UK address is required, this can be arranged as a separate agreement and by completing a customer enquiry form (Ed please add the link to the form)

5.3 Orders placed on-line – Paypal Payments accepted

When placing an order on-line, the appropriate steps should be taken as follows and you will agree to pay via paypal:

  • Please check the final product specification including colours and finer detail options
  • Please check that you agree with our terms and privacy policy
  • Please check that you accept responsibility for payment in full including postage and packing

Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd and its suppliers / partners cannot accept responsibility for any errors made by the customer in terms of incorrect address details, product specifications or any other information provided inaccurately.

Once an order has been placed, an order confirmation will be sent to you. The delivery timescales are quoted with the product description.

Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd cannot be responsible for any delivery that is outside of our control however should a delivery be delayed for any reason Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd will make you aware of the delay.

5.4 Credit and Debit card payments

Orders via credit and debit cards can be accepted by contacting the boutique via the following link ( Ed please add link)

5.5 Data Protection / Third parties

By placing an order on-line, you agree to authorise Ivory Tower Bridal Couture to transmit information to our suppliers / partners for delivery purposes only to your nominated delivery address. This will be in line with our Privacy policy (Ed please add link)

Also, from time to time if credit cards are used, we may need to transmit information about you for verification checks to authenticate identity. By placing an order, you agree to this policy and process.

6.Returns and Refund Policy

6.1 Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted for the following products in the current Covid-19 Pandemic as they are for personal use:

  • Lingerie (Bras, Pants, Bodices, Stockings and tights)
  • Veils
  • Headpieces
  • Earrings

An Exchange or refund can be accepted for all products listed on the site which are NOT mentioned above unless they have been customised. Refund and exchange requests should be made NO LATER than 24 hours of receipt of the goods and can be made via the contact form. (Ed please add link).

Returns will only be accepted if the product remains in its original packaging with tags attached. A refund or exchange WILL NOT be agreed if the product is not returned as above and that the wedding date has passed.

Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd is unable to cover the cost of postage for any returns and you will be liable for this cost.

6.2 Damaged Items

If a product is received and is damaged, this must be reported to Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd immediately on receipt by submitting a contact form via our website (Ed please add link). Please ensure that you include your full name, contact telephone number, address and product and date ordered. A member of our team will call you to agree next steps.

7.Customised and bespoke ordering via the boutique

Many of the products shown can be customised and our suppliers / partners also offer alternative products which may not be shown in our On-line boutique. Please call or contact us via the following link (Ed please add link to the contact form) to discuss your requirements if you require a different option.

All orders placed via the boutique may be subject to different pricing and delivery options.


  • The following definitions apply throughout these terms and conditions:
  • ‘Products’ – These are the items listed for sale in the on-line boutique
  • ‘Contact form’ – This is the form to be used for questions / queries
  • ‘We’ – Means Ivory Tower Bridal Couture
  • You – Means the user / customer of the on-line boutique
  • ‘Suppliers and partners’ – Means the product owner
  • ‘UK’ – Means England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • ‘VAT’ – Means value added Tax
  • ‘On-line boutique’ – This is the on-line shop featured within the Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd website
  • ‘Order’ – This is the transaction made either on-line or with the Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd shop
  • ‘Customised / Bespoke’ – Means tailored to you (the customer’s) individual requirements


  • These terms are subject to change from time to time.
  • Our Details: Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd is registered in England company number 5114333. Registered office 1692, High Street, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. B93 0LY.
  • The products listed on the on-line boutique are not suitable for children due to the nature of the products and small parts being used in jewellery and headpieces. Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd and its suppliers / partners cannot accept responsibility for the use of the products after delivery.
  • Ivory Tower is not responsible for any data stored on any links to other parties.
  • All text and images on this site are the intellectual property of Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd and cannot be used by any party without written permission from Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd.
  • All communication should be in writing electronically or by post unless contacting us to request a customised product.
  • Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd has agreements in place with our suppliers and partners who agree to comply with our quality, service delivery, packaging and turnaround timescale requirements.
  • The on-line site must be used in a lawful manner. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to comply with the laws and regulations surrounding the site.
  • A separate set of terms and conditions apply for all products purchased in store from the Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Boutique in Knowle. (See above for registered address).